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You know those guys who sit in Starbucks, sipping lattes from paper cups, tapping a toe to the overhead music, and occasionally (awkwardly) laughing aloud as they type away on their MacBook for hours? Kevin is that guy. Usuaally with a bow tie.

You should read the blog this guy writes.

It's like art made of letters. 

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No, seriously, that is totally going to catch on.

Interview with Violette Meier

I had a chance to chat and exchange interviews with author, artist, and poet Violette Meier. 

I love doing interviews like this (ever seen my "five questions" interviews? I'll dig those out and dust them off soon). The indie author community is already strong and growing stronger, and I feel honored and privileged to be a part of it! But enough about me, let's talk about Violette Meier —

The "one sure trick" to marketing for indie authors

Marketing is hard. Also, marketing is easy.

And if that makes your head hurt, it's worse knowing how absolutely true both those statements are. I'm learning, as I dig deeper into marketing my own books, that the whole system is kind of conflicted and confused from within. 

Writing day! Citadel: CoL in progress

Just wanted to drop a quick note. I know I've slacked off on blog posts this week, but it's all in the name of a worthy cause! Today I am spending the entire day working on Citadel: Children of Light!

You can track my progress on the Home page. Throughout the day I'll update with the latest word count, and you can watch that little meter fill up to your heart's content!

I'm incredibly grateful to you for being patient and supportive. And I hope this will be enough to get you excited about the book. It's a hell of a story, and I really cannot wait for your to read it!

Soon, my pretties. Soon.

The icky business parts of writing

Some of you know (or may have figured out) that I'm doing a deep dive into self publishing as a business platform. There's a ton to learn in this area, especially since it keeps growing when I'm not looking. I'm listing to podcasts (the guys at SelfPublishingPodcast.com are fantastic and entertaining), reading tons of books, blogs, and articles, and generally just obsessing over the business and marketing side of my writing. It helps to work in Marketing as a "day job." Lots of transfer back and forth.

Short-changing Scrivener

A while back I wrote about my "tools of trade" — the go-to tools I rely on to do my work. Not much has changed on that front, and all of those tools are still a delicious part of my nutritious workday. But I feel like I may have short-changed a piece of software that I've come to adore, and that I believe has some value that even the guys who make it may not consider.

Citadel: First Colony — Serialized on Wattpad!

If you've had a hard time deciding to read Citadel: First Colony, here's your chance to read it for free! 

A space of my own

This weekend I told Kara that I really need an office — a place where I can close the door every now and then, and dig in. I need a place where, when I'm sitting there at a desk, face lit by my MacBook, cats shooed away, it's time to work by God! That's the place. That sweet spot. When I sit down at that desk, it's work time. It's like a mental trigger, telling me it's time to get going and get more words on the page.

Pimping the Podcast Answer Man

I've considered putting together a podcast, and my first instinct was to run it the way I produced Tom King's CompuTalk back in the late 90s. Not bad, format-wise. But as things have changed quite a bit since those wee early hours of the Internet, I'm doing some research to find tips, tricks, and tools for pulling this together. Enter Cliff J. Ravenscraft, the "Podcast Answer Man.

Steven  Gould, SFWA - books for charity

Steven Gould (author of Jumper and current President of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America) just posted a link to handful of great science fiction that you can purchase to support a couple of worthy charities.

New ebook — Teresa's Monster

Today, I'm thrilled to announce a new Happy Pants Books "Short Pants" (synonyms such as Kindle Single and Novella may apply) has hit digital bookshelves. Teresa's Monster is packaged and ready for you to download and enjoy!

Check my progress

Readers & critics love The Citadel Series

"There was something so fascinating about this story and the cast of characters he put together."
Leah Petersen, Author of "Fighting Gravity"

This well written science fiction story will capture your interest on page one and won’t let go until you finish. Be forewarned it’s pretty much of a sure thing that you’ll be purchasing book two. The characters are mysterious, fascinating, and likable. 

James Chalk, Author of "Meat Market"

"Tumlinson managed to inject quirkiness and humor that was both unexpected and gave the characters even more depth."
JoAnn Takasaki, Author of "Luau Like a Local: The Easy Way"

Kevin is what every writer should be—entertaining and thought-provoking.

Shana Tehan, Press Secretary,  U.S. House of Representatives

"The story was fast-paced, pulled you in and trapped you on page one and never let you go."
— Patricia Hicks

"Fast paced and entertaining from start to finish. A real mind treat for the true Sci Fi fans. Wonderfully written with brilliant characters."
— Beverly Hopkins

"If you're a fan of the Pern series, you'll LOVE this book. Kevin manages to take us to a world that is totally unfamiliar and allow us to explore. It's not just your typical Scifi story."
— Stacie Fielding

"The book doesn't let up from the first page so you're in for a fast-paced sci-fi adventure."
S. Gallardo